Music and Classical Christian Education

Music is really important to us at ECS.  We recognize there is tremendous power in music, and it has been used for centuries for enculturation across religious and ethnic boundaries. This is by God’s design, and music and song are evidently near to His heart (See: Psalms 1-150).

So we sing. We sing every day. We start our day singing a psalm or a hymn in Matins; we sing in Bible class, Science, History and Music. We use song to memorize, to internalize and to express praise.

In a message entitled The Classical School and Music, Doug Wilson has helpfully articulated why classical Christian schools are committed to music. I commend it to you all, whether you’re committed to classical Christian education or would like to see the Kingdom of Christ advanced in our time.

To whet your appetite and borrow a quote, let me offer this quotation from Wilson: “We are in the midst of an educational reformation that must include music.”

Check it out.

Risus est bellum!