Our Full Time Team

Mr. Sarr – Headmaster

Mr. Jonathan Sarr grew up in Central California and attended Washington State University, where he met his wife, Sonja. They have lived in Marysville since they got married in 1999. They have three Raggants of their own: Ellie, Abbie and Joshua. Jonathan serves as a pastor at Trinity Evangel Church, and has been headmaster of ECS since it opened in 2012. In his spare time, Jonathan enjoys sports, reading, movies, swinging kettlebells, projects around the house and constructing longbows in his garage. Email Mr. Sarr – jsarr@evangelcs.org

Mrs. Pakinas – Administration

Mrs. Erin Pakinas was born and raised in Lake Stevens, then ventured to Bellingham where she finished a degree at WWU in Elementary Education. In 2004, following a long stint as a gadabout substitute teacher, she landed a full-time job and a wonderful husband. After 4 years at the middle school level, she headed home to raise kids and homeschool them. In 2017, their five lovely daughters, Kiana Jo, Claire, Daphne, Jane, and Esther, joined the ranks of the Raggants, and Mrs. Pakinas followed in 2018. The Pakinas family has lately bought a farm in the Snohomish Valley and are dreaming about what fruit (figurative and literal) God might bear in this new venture! Email Mrs. Pakinas – epakinas@evangelcs.org

Mrs. Bone – Manager of All Things

Mrs. Aisha Bone was born and raised in Seattle, when it was beautiful and clean. When she was 15, she moved to Everett and attended Snohomish High School, where she saw the love of her life for the first time. After graduation, Aisha immediately entered the workforce at a retail clothing store and one day, got the attention of her husband when he came to shop. They got married in 2009, and Mrs. Bone continued to work outside the home, until 2012 when her oldest daughter was born. She worked as a homemaker full-time, while welcoming another daughter in 2013, and a son in 2016. In 2022, Aisha accepted the role of Administrative Assistant at ECS. All 3 of her children are Raggants, and she LOVES that they are together all day! When Mrs. Bone isn’t at school, you will most likely find her with her family doing whatever they are doing. Some of Aisha’s favorite activities include backyard chicken keeping, growing flowers, backpacking & hiking, paddleboarding, singing; making and drinking (lots of) good coffee. Email Mrs. Bone – abone@evangelcs.org

Mrs. Hall – Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Jolie Hall was born in Southern California and moved to Washington when she was in the 7th grade. She graduated from Cascade High school and then earned an Associates degree from Edmonds Community College. She currently lives in Marysville with her husband of 17 years and two Raggant daughters. Jolie started as a weekly volunteer when ECS opened in 2012 and took on more classroom responsibilities each year following that. Jolie became a full-time teacher in 2015 and continues to love what she is allowed to do by the grace of God. In her spare time, Jolie enjoys learning new skills, knitting, crocheting, running, going on vacation, watching football, and eating good food with family and friends. A favorite quote of Jolie’s is, “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” It encourages her because she wants to go big and hard for God’s glory; by His grace we will hit big things as we aim at big things! Email Mrs. Hall – jhall@evangelcs.org

Mrs. Liden – Assistant Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Anna Liden was raised in Arlington, Washington. She met her husband Dave at Shiloh Bible Camp and after marriage they moved to Lynchburg, Virginia where she attended Liberty university for Studio art. They had their first son in VA and moved home and had 5 more! She homeschooled for several years before they locked arms with ECS and they have 6 current Raggants. They live in Arlington and have lots of chickens and plenty of work to do. Anna enjoys spending time with her husband Dave, hiking, singing, playing instruments, drawing, gardening, reading, and coffee. Email Mrs. Liden – aliden@evangelcs.org

Mrs. Hevia – 1st Grade Teacher

Mrs. Riva Hevia was born and raised in North Dakota and attended North Dakota State University, where she received a B.A. in Education and met her husband Emerson. They moved to the Everett in 1996 to work in Aerospace. In 2005, the real work began when she became a mother. They have two children, Bazen and Zander. After homeschooling for several years, she found ECS and joined the Raggants. When she’s not at ECS, you will likely find Riva outdoors. She loves sunshine, art, words, cooking, hosting, exploring and is always game for the next adventure. Email Mrs. Hevia – rhevia@evangelcs.org

Mrs. Hathaway – 2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Ronica Hathaway was born in Oregon and moved to Bellevue, WA, when she was in the 2nd grade. Ronica attended Interlake Highschool and graduated from the University of Washington with a B.S. in Forest Resource Management which she used to reach her goal of becoming a National Park Ranger. During the years she worked at Independence National Park in Philadelphia, she met and married her husband, Jeff. They moved back to the PNW to be closer to family where Ronica hung up her Stetson to homeschool their four children, serve as their church’s AWANA Cubbies Director. When their children had finished their homeschool journey, Ronica went back to “rangering” for Everett Parks on Jetty Island in the summers and spent the rest of the year as a full time substitute teacher for Everett School District’s. When Ronica isn’t at school, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, hiking, gardening, knitting, crocheting, singing and making soap by. Email Mrs. Hathaway – rhathaway@evangelcs.org

Mrs. Johnson – 3rd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Brianna Johnson was born and raised in Arlington, WA, the fourth of five kids. She had the blessing of becoming a follower of Jesus at a very young age and was always very involved in her church, serving locally and overseas at various times throughout her teen years. Brianna graduated from Central Bible College in Springfield, MO, with a B.A. in Cross-cultural Ministry in 2007. In July of that year she married Joel, and a few months later, they became U.S. Missionaries to Utah, where they spent the next 4.5 years. They returned to Washington and Brianna served as the Children’s Pastor at Arlington Assembly for 5 years. During that time, their daughter Jaelyn was born in 2014. A week later, Joel’s career took a turn after being a first responder for the Oso Mudslide and he now serves as the chief for Darrington Fire. In 2018, Brianna took a teacher position with Arlington Christian School and later worked in the office. When a position became available at ECS, where Jaelyn had been enrolled for the previous two years, Brianna jumped at the opportunity to get back into the classroom and be with her daughter. In any spare time, Brianna enjoys traveling, singing, decorating, playing games, DIY projects, and doing puzzles. Email Mrs. Johnson – bjohnson@evangelcs.org

Mr. Liden – 4th Grade Teacher

Mr. Dave Liden was born and raised mostly in Centralia, WA. He met his wife Anna of 12 years at Shiloh Bible camp in Aberdeen, WA.  He married in 2008 and shortly thereafter began the journey of raising 6 kids: Peter, Silvanus, Benaiah, Apollos, Cornelia, and Magnolia. He spent 10 years at Boeing before joining the ECS team. He has a bachelors in Theology from Liberty University and is currently working on his Masters of Divinity from Western Seminary. All six of his kids are currently Raggants, but prior to ECS were homeschooled. He loves Jesus and the Bible! He enjoys hanging out with his wife, reading, spending time with his kids in any way, woodworking, hiking, kayaking and all things in the great outdoors. Email Mr. Liden – dliden@evangelcs.org

Mrs. Nunziato – 5th Grade Teacher

Email Mrs. Nunziato – anunziato@evangelcs.org

Mr. Walton – 5th Grade Teacher and Facilities

Mr. Josh Walton was planted and watered in Washington State. He met and married his wife Carin at church camp and now has two boys who are Raggants and a little girl who is counting the days until she will become one as well. When not teaching 5th grade, Josh will often be found discussing and learning about all things related to barrel-aged spirits and modern firearms. The Walton family lives east of Arlington in a small cabin with a five-acre wooded “playroom” and a seasonal swimming “pool” also known as the Stillaguamish river. Email Mr. Walton – jwalton@evangelcs.org

Mr. Bowers – 6th Grade Teacher

Mr. Andy Bowers was born in Missoula, Montana, and moved to Washington aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln during his time of service in the Navy. He married Mrs. Bowers in 2004 and settled in Washington, gaining a BA in History from the University of Washington and MA in Teaching from Northwest University. Mr. Bowers was the first (and only) full-time teacher at ECS when it opened its basement doors in September of 2012; at some point, he has taught almost all the subjects, from Latin to Literature, both Grammar and Secondary, and now has three beautiful Raggants of his own at ECS: Merian, Lucy, and Edith. Mr. Bowers is passionate about many things, including nature, history, basketball, and the students in his charge. Email Mr. Bowers – abowers@evangelcs.org

Mrs. Bowers – Omnibus Teacher and Admin

Mrs. Leila Bowers was born in Seattle and grew up in Western Washington, graduating from Snohomish High School and Everett Community College via Running Start. She received her BA in English from the University of Washington, meeting Mr. Bowers at Home Depot where she had been working through school. After earning her MA in English from the University of Virginia, she and Mr. Bowers got married and have three daughters now at ECS: Merian, Lucy, and Edith. She has taught at Everett Community, Puget Sound Christian College, and Northwest University, but is most excited about the Classical model and getting to serve at ECS. She enjoys photography, writing, gardening, dashes (grammatical, not physical), and cooking. Email Mrs. Bowers – lbowers@evangelcs.org

Dr. Weinberg – Math, Science, and Omnibus Teacher

Since the age of 3, Dr. Grant Weinberg has grown up in the Arlington, Marysville, and Lake Stevens area. He went to Grace Academy in Marysville from K—12 and played soccer, basketball, and golf at the varsity level. He graduated in 2009 and attended Everett Community College for a year and took Mrs. Bowers’ English 101 class there while working for his father’s granite company. He then married his wife, Mrs. Rebecca Weinberg in 2014. Dr. Weinberg sold Chevrolets at Roy Robinson for 4 years while getting his Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management and his Master’s of Business Administration from Western Governor’s University. He then spent a year working as a Registered Investment Advisor with MassMutual in Bellevue before coming to ECS to teach Math and Science in 2018. Mr. Weinberg has two future Raggants: Charles Jackson born 2016, and Berkley Mae born 2018. He has lots of interests including golf, smoking meats, chess, and reading most any book about any subject that sounds interesting from a knowledgable author. Email Dr. Weinberg – gweinberg@evangelcs.org