The dates have been set for a while, but now the documents are posted!

Check out/download the 2023-24 ECS Calendar as well as the Class Schedule, all here!

Fall Bake Sale Fundraiser!

Also known as: Pastries for Potties. A little context might be helpful for this situation: we are organizing a bake sale to raise money for Porta Potties for our big Reformation Day plans. And whatever money is not used for Potties will go to other Reformation Day things that cost money, such as food.

  • What – Monday is pies, Tuesday is cookies, Wednesday is pastries, and Thursday is a free for all
  • When – the first week of October ( 10/2-5)
  • Where – a folding table that will be put out first recess each day

For more information, parents can check the email sent on September 27.

Mettle Shop

Wednesday (10/4) Mettle Shop meets at 3:30pm at the Guard House. Participating young men should bring a change of clothes that can get dirty as they will be learning how to change oil in cars.

Thursday – Dress Uniform and Assembly

Thursday (10/5) is a Dress Uniform Day. And there’s an assembly at 2:15pm with a 6th Grade Sound-off about the human body and Board Member Jim Martin will be speaking.

Cross Country

See this page for more info about our new Athletics Program and fall Cross Country season!

Hospitality Club

In October, Hospitality Club will be having a member from the Snohomish County Health Department come and teach us a class so that we will be able to take a test to receive  a food handlers permit.  We would like to open this opportunity up to people who are not normally in Hospitality Club as well as parents/family members to be able to come take the class.  The class itself is free, but if you wish to take the test it will cost you $10 and the cards will be sent to the school upon grading and printing them out.

The class is scheduled for Wednesday, October 4, 3:15pm (sharp!) – 4:30pm.


If you missed the Omnibus Orientation night, you can view the slideshow Mrs. Bowers used during the presentation here.

And, if you missed the Raggant Romp Recap, the presentation Mrs. Bowers created for that is here.