Dress Uniform – Thursday (4/18)

This Thursday – April 18 – is the third Thursday of the month and so we’re back to the regularly scheduled Dress Uniform day.

Ask the Board – Wednesday (4/25)

We will be having another Ask-The-Board Night on Wednesday, April 24th at 7pm in the Sanctuary.

Hospitality Club – Wednesday (4/10)

Hospitality Club and Jr. Hospitality Club will be meeting jointly on Wednesday, April 10, during lunch and 2nd recess. Dues for the 4th quarter are also due at this time.

Mettle Shop – Wednesday (4/10)

Mettle Shop will be meeting April 10, at 3:15 to carpool up to MATA (Missionary Aviation Training Academy) for a tour and discovery of what MATA’s aim is for the pilots they train. Mr. Nunziato will guide us through the day from 3:30-5:00. Parents can pick their kids up at their hangar at the Arlington Airport, or back at school by 5:30. Dues for the 4th quarter are also due at this time.

The Importance of Being Earnest

Mark your calendars for June 20th – 22nd! A number of Secondary students, under the direction of Mrs. Maggie Rothenberger, are working diligently on this year’s play The Importance of Being Earnest.


The dates have been set for a while, but now the documents are posted!

Check out/download the 2023-24 ECS Calendar as well as the Class Schedule, all here!