Four Days Per Week in 2014-2015

It’s been some time since our last news post, though there’s been plenty going on at ECS.

We are excitedly making plans for next school year, and we have an Information Night coming up for prospective families, as well. I thought I’d apprise you all of one major change for next year that we’ll be announcing more completely at the Information Night, namely this:

ECS will meet for school-at-school four days per week starting in fall 2014.

Now, some explanation.

From fall 2011 when we started making plans and decisions regarding the school (which started in fall of 2012), our desire was to be a five-day-per-week day school. However, given our specific set of circumstances, this was not feasible for us year one. So we started by meeting for three days, having parents administer lessons (prescribed by the teachers) at home on Mondays and Fridays. That’s what we have done for the first two years, in fact.

We are ready, we think, to take the next step and add another day.

Some of the finer details are still in the works, as we still need to coordinate with the church from whom we rent our meeting space. But as of right now, we are looking at meeting Tuesday through Friday. Also, we will likely have the kindergarteners continue to attend three days per week (probably Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday).

That’s as much as we can say right now, though we’re excited to be able to say that much.

We hope you can come to our Information Night, where we’d be glad to entertain your questions as best we are able.

Risus est bellum!