2019 Raggant Fiction Festival

March 23, 2019

Fiction Up and Fiction In

Talks on Things Narnian and Lewisian

Read “A Smorgasbord of Story around Us” by Mrs. Bowers for some background on this year’s theme.


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Session 1 – Leila Bowers – Sleuthing Stories: How Narnia Teaches Us To Slay Sneaky Dragons

Session 2 – Bekah Merkle – The Nobility of the Common: American Aristocracy in Narnia

Session 3 – Jonathan Sarr – What is Bacchus Doing in Narnia? Feasting, Revelry, and Making an Ice Queen Sweat

Session 4 – Sean Higgins – The Adventure That Aslan Sends or, The Last Lesson to Fortify Children With Chests

Session 5 – Bekah Merkle – Loyalty and Treachery: Virtues, Vices, and Victories

Session 6 – Speakers Q&A


Rebekah Merkle
Bekah and her husband have five children and live in Moscow, Idaho. She is the author of Eve in Exile and Classical Me, Classical Thee.

Leila Bowers
Leila is happily married to Andrew Bowers and the mother of three dynamic little girls. She studied literature at the University of Washington and University of Virginia, and has taught Literature and Composition at Everett Community College, Puget Sound Christian College, and Northwest University. She now forays full-time into the deep waters of Omnibus and Rhetoric instruction at Evangel Classical School. Visit her blog.

Sean Higgins
Sean is the husband of one wife, Mo, and a father of four. When he’s not trying to catch up on all the good books he previously pooh-poohed, he pastors at Trinity Evangel Church and teaches Introductory Logic and Latin at Evangel Classical School. Visit his blog.

Jonathan Sarr
Jonathan is a pastor at Trinity Evangel Church and headmaster of Evangel Classical School. His love for fiction was fueled early on by the influences of Jack London and Gary Paulsen and grew from there. Jonathan and his wife Sonja have three children. Visit his blog.


Why a fiction festival?

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