Student Pick-Up

Although it may be difficult and clunky at times, we take student safety and security seriously.  For this reason, recess and the end of the school day are particularly important and, at times, tricky.  As in years past, we’ll have a pull through lane for the active loading of vehicles after school.  Read on (and see the above picture!) for the details: 

  • After school, students will stand with their classes until they are picked up by their parents.  
  • When coming to pick up your children, please DO NOT ENTER via 90th St. Please DO enter campus at 88th St. by the Table building, or via 44th DR NE. 90th St. will be for EXIT ONLY. 
  • Please drive slowly through the neighborhoods adjacent to campus.  Please keep the speedometer below 20 MPH.  (This goes for morning drop-off, as well.)
  • Please utilize the spaces on South Campus (anything past the southern fence of the main lot) if you wish to park and stay at the school.  Secondarily, you may use the spaces along the east fence or the west fence. 
  • Please DO NOT park along the south fence in the main lot; this will be a driveway, and the Safe Zone for our hazards drills. 
  • Please DO NOT park in the middle section of the lot (inside the islands/beds); this is a play area for students. 
  • Please DO NOT park on the streets or outside the campus. 
  • Please DO NOT park in the spaces nearest the front door (handicapped parking excepted) as this is where the students will line up for pick-up.  
  • After 3:20pm, any students not yet picked up will be escorted into the building and can be picked up from the Mead Hall by their parents.