The Plan for Fall of 2012 at ECS

Greetings once again from Evangel Classical School!

Over the course of the last several months, I’ve had occasion to think about all of the really great things that started out really, really small.  It is my prayer that Evangel Classical School would one day be on that list.  Right now it is small, to be sure (we haven’t yet had any classes), but with God’s blessing and our hard work it can be great.

Based on the preliminary numbers and expressions of interest in the school, we present – with great excitement, I might add – the following plan:

The Plan:

Meeting days: 

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday


To be determined

Classes to be offered:

Kindergarten, grades 1-3 and grades 4-6 and secondary


Andy Bowers, Morgan Higgins, Sean Higgins, Jonathan Sarr, Sonja Sarr, Jen van der Beken, Ron van der Beken.  The remaining teacher(s) are still to be determined.

Teachers’ qualifications: 

Of those listed or referenced, five have teaching degrees and the other two have experience educating their own children in the classical Christian model. All are committed to the classical and Christian model of education along with a Kuyperian-Calvinistic worldview.

Teaching assignments:

They are currently being settled, but this is the latest:

  • Teachers will primarily teach subjects rather than grade levels, as we will generally have Kindergarten together, grades 1-3 together, and grades 4-6 together.
  • Sean and Andy will handle the majority of the 4-6 teaching (including Latin 1 to grades 4 and up).
  • Morgan and others to be announced will handle the majority of the teaching in grades K-3.
  • Jonathan will teach formal logic and a secondary literature class and will oversee supplemental secondary classes that are either self-directed or are taken online


$4,000-$4200 per student, depending on the payment option.

Tuition payment due dates:

    1. Option A (one payment of $4000/child): Due July 1.
    2. Option B (two payments of $2000/student): Due July 1 and January 1.
    3. Option C (10 payments of $420/child): First payment due September 1.
    4. Option D (12 payments of $350/child): First payment due July 1.

    Questions and Answers:

    Will students have every class every day (that is, Tuesday through Thursday)?  Yes, with the following exceptions:

      • K-6 Science (2 days per week)
      • K-6 Art (one day per week)
      • Latin 1 (2 days per week)
      • 4th-6th Writing (one day per week)

      When is the first day of school?  Tuesday September 4 (the day after Labor Day).

      Will students have PE? We’ll likely have strategic activity during recesses and potentially even give “homework” PE assignments for the parents to administer.

      Will there be discounts?  None at this time.

      Is any financial assistance available?  There may be some assistance available.  All requests should be submitted personally or via email to Jonathan Sarr.

      What if my secondary student has not had Latin or formal logic? We will offer Latin 1 (technically a grammar class) to interested secondary students or encourage them to take a Latin class online. We will offer formal logic to secondary students.

      What additional fees will we incur?  At this point, none.  There will be no registration or activity fees.  After August 1, however, there is a $420 withdrawal fee per student for any withdrawals.

      Will we buy our own books?  No.  Curricular costs are included in tuition, and consumable texts will be issued to the students and will be yours to keep.  Families incur the cost for any replacements (lost, damaged, stolen, etc.).

      So once more, what does my tuition payment cover?  The cost of the classes and all curricula.

      What does tuition not cover?  School uniforms, replacement of lost, stolen or damaged books and the occasional fee related to a field trip (e.g. museum admission, etc.).

      You mentioned uniforms.  Where do we buy those?  More information is forthcoming on that.

      Now I should note that plans are by nature not reality; they chart a direction.  As such, some of the details of our plan may change based on actual enrollment numbers or our facility, but we’ll be quick to communicate changes of any significance, should they be necessary.

      We covet your prayers as desperately now as ever.  Perhaps you and your family will be part of a fantastic story and testament to the kindness of God to ECS and our people in the near future.

      As always, please feel free to contact any of us if you have any questions.

      Risus est bellum!