Raggant Fiction Festival

March 20, 2021

The 5th Annual Raggant Fiction Festival will be based around J.R.R. Tolkien’s works of fiction. A host of ECS Faculty will be joined by keynote speaker C.R. Wiley, author of The Purloined Boy, The Household and the War For the Cosmos, and Man of the House. (He’s also finished a book on Tom Bombadil that should be out soon).

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Besides writing for magazines and publishing books, he has been a pastor (still is!), a college professor, a commercial real estate investor, a landlord (still that, too!), and a building contractor. He has been happily married for over 30 years and he has three grown children. He has resided in rural Connecticut but is in the process of moving west to Vancouver, WA.

Regular tickets gain you admission to all the sessions, a delicious lunch, entry into our door-prize drawing, and more!

We will also have a Children’s Track available, filled with games, crafts, and stories for youth aged 3-10.

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8:30am – Registration
9:00 – Opening Announcements
9:15 – Leila Bowers: Worldview and Weddings, or, “Finding Mr. Right in Middle-Earth”
10:05 – Break (Second Breakfast)
10:25 – C.R. Wiley: Fairy Tale, Eucatastrophe, and Joy
11:15 – Break (Elevensies)
11:35 – Jonathan Sarr: “The Scouring of Marysville: When Elessar is Jesus…and When He’s Not”
12:35pm: Lunch
1:25: Sean Higgins: “The Lord of Burdens,” or, Was Frodo Acting Like A Raggant?
2:20 – Break (Afternoon Tea)
2:35 – C. R. Wiley: Tom Bombadil
3:15 – Q & A

Why a fiction festival?

Wondering what a raggant is? Read here!