Our Full Time Team

Mr. Sarr – Headmaster and Omnibus Teacher

Mr. Sarr grew up in Central California and attended Washington State University, where he met his wife, Sonja. They have lived in Marysville since they got married in 1999. They have three Raggants of their own: Ellie, Abbie and Joshua. Jonathan serves as a pastor at Trinity Evangel Church, and has been headmaster of ECS since it opened in 2012. In his spare time, Jonathan enjoys sports, reading, movies, swinging kettlebells, projects around the house and constructing longbows in his garage. Email Mr. Sarr – jsarr@evangelcs.org

Miss Bour – 3rd and 4th Grade Teacher

Miss Bour was born in Leiden, the Netherlands, and since then has moved to six different states, four different countries, and finally settled in Granite Falls Washington where she lives with her parents and three younger siblings. Laila was homeschooled through high school, went to Bethlehem College and Seminary for a year, and has had the opportunity to teach in Nairobi, Kenya, on two different occasions, as well as at Evangel Classical School in 2014/15. Besides teaching and traveling, Miss Bour enjoys dancing, baking, working on her family’s farm, and hosting a plethora of events and parties. Email Miss Bour – lbour@evangelcs.org

Mr. Bowers – Teacher of All Kinds

Mr. Bowers was born in Missoula, Montana, and moved to Washington aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln during his time of service in the Navy. He married Mrs. Bowers in 2004 and settled in Washington, gaining a BA in History from the University of Washington and MA in Teaching from Northwest University. Mr. Bowers was the first (and only) full-time teacher at ECS when it opened its basement doors in September of 2012; at some point, he has taught almost all the subjects, from Latin to Literature, both Grammar and Secondary, and now has three beautiful Raggants of his own at ECS: Merian, Lucy, and Edith. Mr. Bowers is passionate about many things, including nature, history, basketball, and the students in his charge. Email Mr. Bowers – abowers@evangelcs.org

Mrs. Bowers – Omnibus Teacher

Mrs. Bowers was born in Seattle and grew up in Western Washington, graduating from Snohomish High School and Everett Community College via Running Start. She received her BA in English from the University of Washington, meeting Mr. Bowers at Home Depot where she had been working through school. After earning her MA in English from the University of Virginia, she and Mr. Bowers got married and have three daughters now at ECS: Merian, Lucy, and Edith. She has taught at Everett Community, Puget Sound Christian College, and Northwest University, but is most excited about the Classical model and getting to serve at ECS. She enjoys photography, writing, gardening, dashes (grammatical, not physical), and cooking. Email Mrs. Bowers – lbowers@evangelcs.org

Mrs. Hall – Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Hall was born in Southern California and moved to Washington when she was in the 7th grade. She graduated from Cascade High school and then earned an Associates degree from Edmonds Community College. She currently lives in Marysville with her husband of 17 years and two Raggant daughters. Jolie started as a weekly volunteer when ECS opened in 2012 and took on more classroom responsibilities each year following that. Jolie became a full-time teacher in 2015 and continues to love what she is allowed to do by the grace of God. In her spare time, Jolie enjoys learning new skills, knitting, crocheting, running, going on vacation, watching football, and eating good food with family and friends. A favorite quote of Jolie’s is, “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” It encourages her because she wants to go big and hard for God’s glory; by His grace we will hit big things as we aim at big things! Email Mrs. Hall – jhall@evangelcs.org

Mrs. Mills – 1st and 2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Mills was born in Minnesota and then moved with her family to Alaska when she was eight. She met her husband David there and shortly thereafter they moved to “the lower 48.” Mrs. Mills and her husband have three sons and nine grandchildren. They moved to Washington in 1987 because of work. This was fortuitous since they had decided to homeschool their sons, and the laws of Washington state were favorable to homeschoolers at that time. Mrs. Mills was a homeschool mom for twelve years and she also taught home economics at Grace Academy in Marysville, WA for two years. When her youngest son graduated from high school she went back to school and earned an Associates Degree in Apparel Design. In her spare time, Mrs. Mills designs and makes clothes, engages in various crafty pursuits, and loves landscaping and gardening. A lifelong learner, she is always reading and studying something. She believes that discovery and learning are some of life’s greatest joys. Email Mrs. Mills – cmills@evangelcs.org