Welcome to ECS

We are a K-12 classical and Christian school in Marysville, Washington. We meet for classes from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM Tuesday through Friday at 9015 44th Dr. NE. Come by or email to arrange a visit.

Our Name

We believe, love, and desire to live the evangel of Christ–the gospel–so much that we named our school after it. Here are some of the reasons why.

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The ECS Raggants

At Evangel Classical School, we share a focus with the classical Christian school movement on the liberal arts (which are largely misunderstood in their own right) and the intentional blurring of the disciplinary lines.  Many modern educational attempts to “differentiate” instruction (to use the jargon) may involve two disciplines (e.g., English and social studies) approaching a common project (e.g., a report on Spain). But it usually stops there, and students’ minds are as divided as their class schedules. A common outcome is the math student who doesn’t do English or the history buff who hates the sciences.  Sound familiar?  In many Christian schools, attempts to integrate the Bible into the curriculum are mandatory afterthoughts to the real lesson which could do just fine with or without the obligatory biblical add-on.

But in The Case for Classical Christian Education, Douglas Wilson states the appealing alternative very concisely:

Classical Christian academies teach all subjects as an integrated whole with the Scriptures at the center. (111)

That is the educational approach to a comprehensive view of Christ’s Lordship.  We often compartmentalize and categorize much of life when all of life is an “integrated whole” under the umbrella of Christ’s Lordship.

Though identifying problems generally is easier than suggesting helpful solutions, we like the classical Christian alternative with its view to a complete, comprehensive education that has interest in the far corners of Christ’s domain.  And that means trying to perceive all of it.

Like a raggant.

A what?! You ask?  A raggant.  Let us explain.